Monday 22 October 2012

Digital Lace Borders & Bats

OK this is definitely my last Halloween post for this year
though I could go on forever!
For this card I used the large lace border
(from my free download a little further down).
I mounted it onto a slightly wider length of black card
and attached it to my card using double sided tape.
The bats are also a free download.
1) I printed the whole 'bats' sheet onto white copier paper
then roughly cut round bats  9, 7  & 5.
2) Attached them to black card,
using repositionable glue.
3) Cut them out of the black card.
4) Stamped the large bat (no.9) using VersaMark ink
and embossed with clear embossing powder. 
I used a stamp from Autumn Leaves 'elegant flourishes'.
5) Stamped bat no.7 using flitterglu and
black holographic glitter.
6) Stamped bat no.5 using VersaMark and clear
embossing powder. 
For bats 5 & 7 I used a small flourish from
Crafty Secrets clear art stamps set 'Flourishes'
7) Layered the bats together, large up to small, by gluing
the bodies together.
8) Curled the wings and attached one 3mm foam pad 
under each wing - close to the bat bodies.
9) Added a small amount of black holographic glitter to the body.
10) Attached the layered bats to my card with a little glue
under the body.
11) Finished with a Gothic label from my earlier post
I highlighted the details with black holographic glitter
and attached it to my card using 3mm foam pads. 
Free Downloads
Click on image and
right click save to your computer
Printer settings:
UK A4 & use setting 'Fit to page'
Gothic Lace Borders
Halloween Bats
I can see the lace borders working well for Christmas too.
Try printing them onto coloured paper or card for a different
(Can't wait)!!!!
Thanks for popping by.

Wednesday 10 October 2012

Pumpkin Treat Box Garland - Tutorial & Free Templates

Thought these would make a fun Halloween garland.
Pop a few treats in the pumpkins and tie them between some leaves.
There are free templates at the end of my post. 
Pumpkin Treat Boxes:
1) Print the pumpkin templates onto orange card
and cut them out. (I cut seven).
2) It's best to cut the slots using a craft knife & steel rule.
3) Ink the edges to add depth - I used Distress inks
'rusty hinge' and 'brushed corduroy'
4) Score the box base.
5) Fold the two top flaps forward.
6) Use a round pen to curl the box sides.
7) Fold up along the score lines.
Here's where you would pop a few treats into the box.
8) To close the box - feed the top flaps
through the box side slots.
9) It will now look like this.
10) Punch a hole through the top flaps.
I highlighted the features with a touch of black glitter.
Thread ribbon through the punched hole.
I used 5mm wide (1/4inch) black satin ribbon.
Here's the 'motley bunch'
ready to be tied onto the garland.
Pumpkin Leaves;
12) Print the leaves onto green card. Cut out
and score some veins as shown above.
13) Ink across the surface to highlight your scored lines
I used 'crushed olive'
14) Ink the edges in a darker colour
I used 'forest moss'
15) Make two holes about 10mm (1/2inch) apart.
16) - 17) Thread the large leaves onto a
length of string.
I threaded 16 large leaves onto about 2meters
( just over 2yards) of jute garden twine.
It all depends on how long you want your garland to be.
18) Pop a small amount of glue above the perforated holes.
19) Attach a smaller leaf to hide them.
note: You can wrap a small amount of tape tightly
 round the ends of your string to make threading easier. 
I decided the leaves were not Autumnal enough
so inked over again using 'barn door' & 'spiced marmalade'.
Probably should have worn gloves!
Tie on the pumpkins!
I spaced them one pumpkin, two leaves, one pumpkin - to the end.
There are two pumpkin templates:
Template one has a face on the front & back of the box,
template two the faces are on the sides.
I alternated them along the length of the garland
so faces were visible front and side view.
(Hope that makes sense)!
Free Downloadable Templates:
Click on the image ,
right click & save to your computer.
Pumpkin Treat Box One
Pumpkin Treat Box Two
Large Pumpkin Leaves
Small Pumpkin Leaves
Here it is
I love Halloween!
Thanks for popping by

Thursday 4 October 2012

Free Download - Halloween Skulls & Labels

Here's my final Halloween collection!
Click on the image ,
right click & save to your computer.
'Happy Halloween' Shield Labels
Halloween Blank Shield Labels
'Skulls' - White
'Skulls- - Orange
'Skulls' - Green
'Skulls' - Purple
'Small Skulls' - White
'Small Skulls' -  Orange
'Small Skulls' - Green 
'Small Skulls' - Purple
The colours match my earlier 'Cobweb Lace' papers.
Hope you have fun with them.
I would love to know what you do!
Thanks for popping by.