Sunday 17 April 2011

Easter Card and Basket

Here's a little Easter project I've been working on.
I will be loading templates and a tutorial as soon as I can.

Unfortunately my computer is on its last legs.
It's very old and has been failing for quite some time now.
It had a major crash a few days ago and is beyond repair.
After several hours on the phone to Dell,
we managed to recover enough to chug along...
on a wing and a prayer.

Good news is - I have a new one arriving on Monday! 

 I thought this would be a great project to do with the kids.
The dotty pattern was made by dabbing the eraser end of a pencil
onto a VersaColor ink pad 'Fresh Green'
and stamping it onto the card.

Not everyone can eat sweets
so this is an idea for an alternative.
There is a hatpin on the card and I filled the basket
with crafting goodies - three VersaColor small ink cubes
and three pots of 'Perfect Pearls'.

I'm going to try and load, at least, the templates before Monday.

I'm soooooooooo looking forward to my new computer
but very nervous about how long it will take to load everything
and get it into action.

Thank you for visiting
and I hope to be back very soon!!!!



  1. So glad you got your pc working to show these - they are stunning
    Lisa x

  2. Looking forward to instructions :)
    I got a new PC last month ..LOVE it ..enjoy yours :D

  3. Elaine, your Easter baskets and cards are so beautiful!! I love the yellow centers on the white flowers - so cute :) and the feathers truly makes the aqua set soooo elegant!

    So sorry about your computer crashing. My old computer (not a Dell) was on it's last legs, too.
    My DH and I installed my new Dell computer the beginning of March and I absolutely love mine:) I'm sure you'll be very happy with yours, too:)

  4. Oooh a new computer, how exciting Elaine! Sorry your having such problems but I'm really looking forward to your templates for these little gems, they are stunning and a great idea to fill them with crafting goodies instead of sweets.
    Hope you are all healthy and happy. Have a lovely Easter
    x Michelle


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