Saturday 2 April 2011

Tag Easel Card Tutorial


Tag Easel Card Tutorial

1) Start with a 140mm (5.5") square tent fold card

2) Cut a 140mm (5.5") square card front panel

3) Cut a tag;
a) 150mm (6") high
b) 80mm (3") wide
c) Score a line 10mm (0.5") from base
This is a valley fold.

4) Taper the top two corners of the tag.

5) Card back;
Open the card flat, outside facing you,
and cut a centred slit-
a) 10mm (0.5") down from the card centre fold.
b) and approximately 85mm (3.25") wide (slightly
wider than your tag).

6) Card front;
with the card still open-
a) score a line across the centre.
This is a mountain fold.

Close the card

7) Tag;
a) Cut a contrasting colour mount, slightly
smaller than your tag, and short enough to
avoid covering the tag score line.
Attach the mount to your tag.
b) Punch a hole centred and towards the top.

Decorate the inside of your card
before moving on to stage 8

8) Front facing you, open card.
a) Slot the top of your tag through the slit
you cut earlier (stage 5).
b) The top of the tag should line up with the
card centre fold,
c) and the tag score line with the base of your

Close the card.

9) Card closed, front facing you.
a) Apply glue to the section of tag that is visible.

10) Fold up and fix to the front of your card.

11) Card front, lower half only.
Apply three strips of double sided tape or glue.
a) Make sure you cover the tag flap.
This will add extra strength to the 'pully' mechanism.

12) Attach your, 140mm (5.5") square, card front
panel, making sure you line up the top, bottom
and sides with your card.

Open the card so the tag pops into view.
Attach a tassel or ribbon.

You can easily make this card any size you like.
Just remember that the tag is always 10mm (0.5")
longer than your card height -
this being the tag section you fold up and glue
to the front of your card (9a & 10 in the above tutorial).

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I'll be back soon!


  1. beautful..i didn't make the tag card but the tulips were really easy to do ..thanks xx

  2. Great instructions, Elaine! I'm looking forward to trying this. tfs


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