Saturday 23 April 2011

Easter Card & Basket - Tutorial & Downloads

Please forgive me if I don't post very much over
the next couple of weeks.

Brief update:
My old computer finally died on me.
I lost my work so had to redraw on OH's laptop.

The new computer arrived, but there was a mix up
as to what I needed (my programmes wouldn't load).
It's being returned and a new one will be arriving
within the next couple of weeks.

I'll be very restricted with what I can do until then.
I'm using OH's laptop because it has Internet access, but
this is limited so I can only pop on and off occasionally.

Once I'm up and running I'm sure it will all be worth it!


Later than I'd planned...
here are the templates and tutorial for my Easter cards and baskets.
(Sorry, the images are not great).

The card:
1) Print the download sheet 'Easter Eggs Template'
onto plain white card and cut out your template.

2) Following the directions on the template,
position it onto an A5 half fold card blank.

3) Draw round in pencil and cut out.

note: Cutting with scissors can sometimes leave
a slightly jagged edge in places. If this happens
run gently round with an emery board to smooth
them down.

I cut the lower half again then;
1) Stamped using VersaMark and Inkadinkado 
'Bold Damask' clear stamp.
2) Highlighted with crystal glitter.
3) Wrapped a length of 5mm (0.25 inch) wide
pink grosgrain ribbon round the top.
4) Attached it to the lower section of the card.
5) The top half of the card was stamped using
VersaMark and Hero Arts 'Leaf Flourish'.
6) I finished by adding pink marabou feathers,
a paper rose and leaves.

Easter Basket Tutorial
This is a guide sheet showing details of the
flaps etc. that I refer to in the tutorial,
If you're not sure - check back here.

1) Print the download sheet 'Easter Basket Template'.
Cut out, score along dotted lines and cut the two slits
marked in red (the handle will be fed through these later).
This side is the inside of your basket. 

2) Turn your cutout over.
This is the outside of your basket.
If you want to stamp a pattern - now is the time.

note: If you are applying glitter, avoid the base
and flaps (a-d).
I didn't and it makes them very resistant to gluing!

3) Cut out the handle.
a) The template gives you the end details and
handle width - you decide how long you would
like it to be.
My handles are 270mm (10.5 inches) long.

b) To run ribbon along the handle -
anchor it at either end using tape.
Make sure you tape over and to the reverse side.
This will prevent the ribbon from being pulled off
when you feed the handle through the side slits later on.

c) Fold the ends to form an 'arrow head' - as
shown in the above picture.

4) Fold along all of your scored lines and
glue your base flaps (a) and (b) to the
inside base.

5) Glue base flap (c) to the inside base and
at the same time side flap (d) to the inside
of the basket side.

6) Stand the basket upright.
You can see the flaps in the base.

7) Apply glue to the inside lining flaps (1 & 2),
these are the ones without slits cut into them.

8) Fold them into the basket and fix in place.

9) Feed a handle end through a slit
as shown in the image above.

10) You will find it easier to feed through
if your liner flap is at right angles.

11) Open the handle end and gently pull
the handle so the tab is straight and fully positioned
to the slit.

12) Apply glue over the handle tab and
on the inner lining flap as shown.

13) Fold the liner flap into the basket and fix.
Repeat this process on the other side.

14) Your handle is now locked into position
and your basket sides are lined.

15) Finally, glue the 'base liner' into the base of
your basket.
This secures your base tags (a, b &c).

I added a paper rose and lined the basket
with pink marabou feathers.

Free Download Sheets
Easter Basket Template
click on image & open fully before saving

Easter Egg Card Template
click on image & open fully before saving

Easter Sentiments Tags
click on image & open fully before saving
Happy Easter!

Should be back fairly soon...



  1. Happy Easter Elaine!. Thanks for brill instructions. I will have a go at the printing out but printer has very little ink!
    Hope your new PC arrives quickly to the spec you want.

  2. What a beautiful set. I love the soft colors.
    Thanks so much for the templates.

    Happy Easter!

  3. Elaine, your card and basket are just so lovely!! Thank you so much for the templates. It's obvious you put a lot of thought into it when designing these lovely creations. So sorry about your computer. I do love my new Dell, though I've still not got everything figured out yet. Hopefully, you'll get your new computer sooner, than later. Happy Easter!!

  4. Your Easter baskets are lovely, thanks for the tutorial. I also wanted to say thanks for your tutorials on the magic box site, I've just finished my first origami box - not bad, I hope.

  5. Elaine -

    So sorry to hear about all the computer issues. You never realize how much we depend on them until they don't work - LOL! Thank you so much for the wonderful templates and tutorial. These are just wonderful. I know how hard you must have worked on them.
    Wishing you and your family a wonderful Easter!

    Elaine Allen

  6. Elaine, I would have sent you an e-mail but I couldn't find it so I hope you don't mind my posting here. I used two of your templates, creating two cards. I posted them on SCS. Here are the links if you'd like to look :)
    The Egg card -

    The tulip card -

    Thanks for all your great inspiration and templates :)

  7. I hope you had a great Easter. I am a new follower, I just stumbled upon your blog. And I have spent the last half hour looking through it. Wow such great projects, thanks for the freebies too. Like I said I am a follower, and I have your blog bookmarked as well. I hope you get back into blogging soon.
    Melissa D

  8. Hey Kiddo! I've been thinking about you a lot lately and hoping that you and your Mum are doing well. I sure hope so! I so miss seeing your beautiful work. My best to you! Curt

  9. Hello, I'm from España. What a beautiful all!!!

  10. Stopping by to tell you how much you are missed and hoping that you had wonderful holidays. Wishing you all the best in this New Year! Hugs to you and your Mum! Best, Curt


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